Congratulations you have just found the best kept secret in online marketing. You have a personal invite from it’s founder Richard Fairbairn to take part in this life changing experience.

Richard has over 21 years working online and has generated millions of dollars in many different online industries. In just the last two years alone has has generated over two million dollars in software sales and he is bringing his knowledge and software resources to help you make money online.

Not only do you get access to a full catalog of reseller material worth $100,000’s but also to personal tools, videos courses and a mastermind group everything you need to help you to more success online.

If you are struggling and finding it hard to start making money online then this is the perfect resource for you. A quick and simple way to get your very own business in a box started selling software.

Normally Richard will charge $500 per hour for his time you get full online training included and two hours of live coaching included per month. This is priceless from a high level million dollar marketer with over 20 years of knowledge.


With the reseller black box you get access seven done for you packages that you can sell straight away to your customers. These come with sales pages, sales videos, thank you pages and marketing graphics. These packages sell for upwards of $197 per license.

Sell just one copy and you recoup your membership back! 
It doesn’t stop with what you get on this page we are adding at least one reseller pack per month and at least one new tool per month plus videos, case studies and more

You get the full version of Pixal Evolution to sell to your customers.

This includes two versions you can sell the monthly version that includes the template club, and the stand alone version which is a one off fee.
  • Monthly fee – Must be above $27
  • One off fee – Must be above $97
  • Can not be given away
  • Can not be added to membership sites
  • Can not pass rights on

This product has had over $100,000 spent on the development of this software. A true SaaS (Software as a Service) that most marketers want and need.

Graphics Database
Over 500,000 graphics built into Pixal Evolution that you can use in any of your creations we are adding to this database daily.

Graphics Database
Over fifty different set sizes all ready to use. These are for banners, mobile banners, social banners, social graphics and more.

Graphics Database
You are not restricted by size with our free form graphics creator you can choose any size for your graphics. Unlike other creators we don’t restrict you on size.

Button Creator
Pixal Evolution has its own button creator, which lets you use any of our presets and make them into amazing looking buttons, including social and 3D buttons with real clickable actions

Video Embed
You can embed videos directly into your advert or banner canvases and you can make that video clickable. So it becomes part of the advertisement.

Transition Effects
Over 25 transition effects for the graphics, including in and out, bouncing, fade, ease in, scale, elastic and many many more. These can be added to text, images, video or anything you wish.

Menu Creator
Build interactive menus into your graphics and ad creatives. This allows you to have multiple links built into your ads.

Shape Creator
You can use our shape creator and choose from the 12 presets we have, from stars to parallelograms and many more.

Add Shopify Buttons
Add Shopify buttons straight into your banners, making it a very powerful tool to drive people to your store and buy your products.

Built In Heat Map
With the built in heat map you can see exactly where your viewers are leaving. You will see at a glance e what is working for you and what you need to change

Live Skype Buttons
Let your customers call or message you direct from inside your ads or graphics. If the user has Skype installed they will be able to instantly message you

Embed Forms
Instantly embed auto responder forms from the most popular email autoresponders like Getresponse, Aweber, Sendlane, Active Campaign and more. Make interactive forms that will have your visitors begging to give you their email address.

Add Audio
You can embed audio direct into your banners or graphics from such places as soundcloud, Spotify and more. You can embed the player directly.

Embed Google Maps
Add interactive maps to your banners or graphics. Imagine how this will help your customers find your store. Perfect to build banners for local businesses.

Full Analytics
Our in depth analytics section gives you an instant look at what is working and what is not with your graphics and banners

Sell Eventbrite
You can sell your eventbrite tickets direct from your graphics and banners. You can add a direct purchase link for your eventbrite tickets to convert even more viewers into buyers.

All Polls
You can add a poll to your banners or graphics and create instant interaction with your viewers. Using this method you can get more interaction than ever before.

GEO Location
You can tag your banners and graphics with your visitors location. This will instantly show the user their location and country letting you personalise any graphics to them.

Campaign Manager
Track what is working in campaign manager which allows you to monitor and instantly edit any banners.

Export to MP4
You can even export your Pixal creations as a movie in MP4 format for use anywhere.

Export to Gif
Export your creations inside the new Pixal Evolution platform to gifs which you can embed anywhere.

Banner Rotator
Create multiple banners or graphics and rotate them to see which performs best.

Built In Filters
Manipulate any image to give it a professional gloss with a selection of built in filters.

Split Tests
You can run split tests between different banners and creatives to see which is performing better

You get the full version of Easy Member Neo to sell to your customers.

This is a full membership, autoresponder and affiliate system. You get the full unlimited and agency version with resell rights. The unlimited package sells for $197 right now

One off fee - Must be above $67

‌  Can not be given away

‌  Can not be added to membership sites

‌  Can not pass rights on

Affiliate Management
Set up and manage a stress free efficient affiliate program.
Members get an automatic affiliate link, so they can promote your site immediately after joining
Affiliates can sign-up without becoming a member
Pay your affiliates by check or PayPal
Set your affiliate commission percentage globally and give individual affiliates a custom percentage if needed

Autoresponder Integration
Effortlessly build customer loyalty on autopilot. Members automaticlly added on initial login.
Supports any Autoresponder, including:


Automatic Backups
Never lose your members - even if your hosting goes down! When you have hundreds or thousands of paying members on your membership site, BACKUPS ARE IMPERATIVE. If anything should go wrong with your web hosting company…don’t worry - Easy Member NEO has it covered:

You can enable automatically daily database backup.

Backups made automatically to your admin panel

Backup manually and restore at any time.

Target Everyone!
Multiple Currencies and languages. Multiple currencies supported: Easily set up membership sites for every market possible

Multiple languages on the front end pages: English,French, German, Spanish and Italian files provided with the ability to create your own language file

Easy Management
Page management system. Have your membership site exactly how you want it!

You don't need to be a "techy" to use Easy Member NEO. Pages can be created and edited as easily as using a Word Processor. However, for those of you more tech-inclined, you have the ultimate freedom to create pages from scratch too.

Create your member content in advance with our Drip Feed feature. Members can only access content when X days have passed. Ideal if you want to set up an autopilot membership site!

Multiple Payment Options
Offer every single prospect a tailor made offer

Offer multiple membership levels.

Offer free trials.

Offer one-time-only payments

Offer recurring payments.

Set recurring payments to end after X

Supports Multiple Payment Processors
Take payment any way that best suits your customers. Now you've got them - sell more and develop your brand and customers loyaty

Paypal (Debit/Credit Cards).

ClickBank (Paypal/Debit/Credit Cards).

2Checkout (Debit/Credit Cards). (Debit/Credit Cards).



Payza (formerly Payalert)

Upsells and One Time Offers
Offer every single prospect a tailor made offer.

Upsell additional products/services to your members: Create a level for each upsell and create a purchase link to post in your member's area.

Create a "one time offer" page your members will see immediately after they login for the first time.

You get the full version of Socihub to sell to your customers.

This is a social media management system. You get the full unlimited and agency version with resell rights. The unlimited package sells for $27 per month or $297 a year right now

One off fee - Must be above $97

One off fee - Must be above $17

‌  Can not be given away

‌  Can not be added to membership sites

Can not pass rights on

This is a scarcity based web app, that comes complete with a plugin that can be white labelled.

It has multiple templates and multiple timers (including evergreen & looping timers with much more inside) making this one of the best timer systems you can promote.

One off fee - Must be above $17

Can not be given away

Can not be added to membership sites

Can not pass rights on

Multiple Timers

We have three different types of timers that you can use.
Normal expiry timer you set the date and the action for when the timer expires.
Evergreen timer this shows a different end date for users depending on when they first viewed the page.
Looping timer that is one that keep's resetting when certain actions are met.

Overlay Pages

Using this feature you can add a timer on a page you don't own. So if you wanted to promote a page and use a timer you can.

You can add a popup to the timer so the popup shows on a page you don't own.

You can add FB graph, retargeting pixels, buy button and much more.

All on a page that you do not own!

87 Different Templates

We have over 80 different templates to choose from so what ever your site we have something that would fit it.

Plus we have templates that are built in different languages as well.

If you want your timer to stand out then we have so many variations these will make your site look amazing and increase scarcity.

Template Designer

Maybe over 80 templates are not enough for you? well not to worry we have our own in built template builder.

You can add in your own images and create your own unique template from scratch and it will be saved into your Timerboss account.

47 Minute Training Session

A full in depth 47 minute training session that will take you through using Timerboss and using scarcity to increase conversions.

This will help you with:

  • Affiliate Promotions
  • Product Promotions
  • And So Much More...

How would you like to rebrand Timerboss as a WordPress plugin. You pick the name, link, author and more.

Hit download and you have a fully rebranded Word press version of Timerboss under your own brand that you can resell and keep 100% of the income.

You even get a fully functional sales page complete with high quality video sales letter.

You get the fully loaded edition of Vlydo including both the social and split testing version

Full video marketing system with unlimited usage version given with reseller rights. This also includes the agency version. This allows you to offer a great video system to market.

One off fee - Must be above $27

‌  Can not be given away

‌  Can be added to membership sites

‌  Can not pass resell rights on

Imagine getting up to 300% more views on complete autopilot using unlimited PLAYLISTS.

Imagine never having to drive traffic to each and every video one by one

Imagine being able to capture leads into any autoresponder you want – with direct api integration.

Imagine being able to load videos from Youtube/Vimeo and even Google Drive, Amazon & Dropbox.

Imagine running ads, pre-roll or post-roll for every video and being able to monetize videos in an extremely smart way.

Imagine being able to lock videos for social sharing and get a flood of traffic from social – all for FREE.

Using Vlydo is as EASY AS 1-2-3…

This is a fully web based software, you don’t need to install anything and you can use it on almost any website you want – wordpress blogs, joomla sites, html sites or even leadpages & clickfunnels pages…

PRO Upgrade #1: Advanced Split Testing

You can now get your hands on this special 'Extra Feature' inside the Pro Version of Vlydo added to the package.

Allow unlimited Video Split Tests
Review which videos are performing the best
Get ahead of your competition by keeping your finger on the pulse & watch which of your videos perform, and which ones don't

PRO Upgrade #2: Custom Logo

Remove our 'Vlydo' branding from all your videos so you look more professional!

(and keep this tool a secret from your competition)

Opt to not show the Vlydo logo, and only display yours for a professional look!

PRO Upgrade #3: Chrome Extension

Add your Vlydo tool as a Chrome Extension.

Now you can use this in-browser to give you ease of access and always be there for your next masterpiece!

Use Vlydo on the Chrome browser for quick & easy access!

Full Video-On-Facebook Integration

You can now run as many video campaigns as you want right inside your timeline. Easily increase your ROI by up to 325% by using our push button facebook domination feature .

Play your Vlydo videos INSIDE of Facebook
100% Facebook T&Cs compliant.

Capture Leads Inside Facebook

Use Vlydo and your facebook timeline to capture leads straight into your autoresponder with a few clicks of your mouse!

Other similar platforms will charge you a monthly fee of up to $97 for a similar service. With this limited special you can now start building your list right inside facebook for a one time fee!

100% Facebook T&Cs compliant

Finally Monetize Facebook With Video

Sell and promote products and offers directly within the facebook newsfeed.

Increase your conversions and have the opportunity to get your sales videos, list growing videos, or social growth videos go VIRAL with the help of social media!

Run Effective Ads Inside Facebook

The big players in the marketing industry (Million Dollar Earners and ABOVE) are all using facebook and for one important reason:

They add hundreds - even thousands! - of extra dollars to your bottom line. So no matter what you're selling online ...

With Vlydo Social You can Now Start Doing The Same THING!

You get the full version of Reseller Box, Gold, Platinum, Reseller and Master Reseller

This is a wordpress plugin business where you can rebrand and resell all the plugins (11 in total). It comes with full master reseller rights so you get the full unlimited and agency version with resell rights. The unlimited package sells for $197 right now

One off fee – Each plugin must be above $9

Can not be given away

Can be added to membership sites

Can pass full resell right on

The beauty of a great WordPress plugin is it benefits marketers from all walks of life… whether it’s the IM niche… the fitness niche… the self-development niche…

Or whatever niche you might be into. WordPress is a VERY big deal.

25% of all websites run on WordPress, and 50,000 new WP sites are added daily

There’s 42,669 (and growing) WordPress plugins with 1,163,001,727 total downloads

Over 100,000 wordpress plugins are downloaded every day & the usage is climbing really fast…

Front end offer GOLD VERSION

The gold version includes 5 done for you plugins complete with full access to the rebranding web app. All sales pages and marketing materials are ready to go. plus access to a top plugin for personal use

If you where to buy this today it would cost you $19

Upsell offer GOLD VERSION

The gold version includes 5 done for you plugins complete with full access to the rebranding web app. All sales pages and marketing materials are ready to go. This offer also includes an extra reseller plugin

If you where to buy this today it would cost you $27

Upsell offer Whitelabel VERSION

The whitelabel version includes 11 done for you plugins complete with full access to the rebranding web app. All sales pages and marketing materials are ready to go. This offer gives you full rights to do what ever you wish with the plugins

If you where to buy this today it would cost you $67


The master version includes resell rights to the reseller box so you can pass on the rights on reseller box to your clients. This is a very easy sales it also comes with a full rebrand package from our design team for all the box shots and logos.

If you where to buy this today it would cost you $197

At the Reseller Black Box we don’t just give you the software to resell that is worth $100,000’s but we also give you not only the training to sell it BUT also the tools as well.

Richard will take you by the hand and show you exactly how he makes $1000’s of dollars a day. He will cover everything in his videos and live training sessions.

These are just a selection from our affiliate accounts for this year, in our training and live coaching we will be helping you get your business off the ground and start selling our apps. This will be a everything you need to start learning how to sell software and apps online.

Why struggle and use inferior software and sales material when you can access a tried and tested package that has made millions of dollars. Let us help you achieve the results you want

BUT It Doesn’t Stop There We Have Included Over $1000 Worth of Bonus Apps in Our Tools Resources Which Will Be Added To Each Month

EMAIL WIZARD PLATFORM – The ultimate scarcity based platform that will help you sky rocket your email click thrus and EPC’s

Includes embed counters and full stats data to use.

Website app with over 100 features to help you get the most from your search engine optimisation. Analyse everything from visitors, to backlinks and even social interaction.

This is a all in one tool that has everything you need

Lander Builder is a complete drag and drop page builder complete with analytics and branded domains.

You can drag and drop sections and elements anywhere on the page to create unique sites

A fun and simple way to create coupons and grow your members list.

After you’ve created a coupon, people can save this coupon to their home screen or bookmark the link. They have to register as a member in order to redeem it.

Month One We Will Be Adding…

Content Delivery CMS Membership Platform

We will set up and host your own membership delivery platform that you can use to sell your products from or you can use to set up a membership style site. We set this up and install it WORTH $297

Plus We Will Host This For You For Life

Not only will we set up and install this for you but we will also host it for life on our high speed servers. You get full unlimited hosting and you don’t need to pay a penny. WORTH $347 PER YEAR

Month Two We Will Be Adding…

Our Media Management System

Take control of your social media accounts with our brand new application this has been in development for over one year with many $1000’s spent on it. You will get a full unlimited personal license WORTH $297

Plus We The Whitelabel Version As Well

Yes you get the full whitelabel version to this so you can take it away and rebrand it and sell it to your customers this will never be publicly available for sale WORTH $997

Month Three We Will Be Adding…


Our Email System

No need to pay for autoresponders anymore you will have access to use our brand new autoresponder system which was built for our own internal use, just add your own smtp WORTH $297

Plus Get The Email In Depth Training

We will show you how we make $1000’s every single day by building cold emails and turning them into prospects WORTH $197

Plus Much More Coming…

‌  Live Training Session Two Per Month: Worth Over $1000

‌  Live Training Session Two Per Month: Worth Over $1000

‌  Live Training Session Two Per Month: Worth Over $1000

‌  Live Training Session Two Per Month: Worth Over $1000

‌  Live Training Session Two Per Month: Worth Over $1000